About Me

Art Inspires Studio is where all my magic happens. It is where I create my way of living - aromatherapy, my art, my printables, my routines and so much more. It is where I am learning and sharing a creative holistic lifestyle.

I am a woman in my early 50s. I love my family & friends, my garden, my art and my life. After a hectic 2021, moving to regional Victoria from the surburbs and my only child moving out of home, I have adopted new routines and practices of self care. These changes have given me both physical and mental health benefits.

I believe the changes in my daily life including my routines, and practices are not just for me. I want to share my ways, not just for my age group, I think we can all benefit from self care not matter our age, sex or where one lives.

I started creating Digital Art at the beginning of 2019. Always having an interest in everything creative, I have expanded my knowledge and love of Photoshop and Art. I love creating my own pieces.

Feeling constantly inspired by all around me, I create my art under the name - The Art Inspires.
As a member of the AWAKE Living the Photo Artistic Life Group, I continue to learn and grow daily. In September 2019, I was first published in the magazine - Living The Photo Artistic Life.

Using my love of art and self care I will be growing my printable etsy store with items that will help you with these routines!

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