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Monday, August 29, 2022


You can't pour from an empty cup - Unknown
This blog has been inspired by a new friend and the beginnings of a conversation on depression and anxiety.  

There still seems to be a stigma when it comes to depression and anxiety, though in this world with words such as mindfulness, selfcare, self love, affirmations in everyday conversations we have definitely come a long way.  And this is so important as it can be a lonely journey for a lot of people.

I think I have mentioned before I was diagnosed with hereditary form of depression at about 18 and I chose a path of self care and self regulating.  I learned to recognise signs and my own actions that signified I was going to have a bad day, or a bad moment, maybe a bad week if I wasn't in tune with myself.  

Everyone's internal warning signs are different.  A couple of mine were:
  • Grabbing my favourite pair of red boots before I even chose an outfit was an internal I needed to feel strong.
  • Counting as I did things - while putting out the knives and forks as I set the table, counting as I put on my socks and shoes before I left the house.

Recognising your own signs, and they can be subtle like grabbing a favourite pair of boots, is a really big thing to learn.  It took me a while to figure these out and once I did that I found my own self easier to manage.  I was able to act on these signs, do things to snap myself out or just take care in the journey till the phase moved through me.  

Ignoring signs, for me, was not an option.  Acting on them made my depression and anxiety manageable, and I now have different signs, and I still listen.

Always remember, it is important to take time for you, to listen to yourself.  

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Stay Inspired

Meags xx

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