The Midday Blues

Thursday, May 19, 2022


If you are anything like me around lunchtime your energy starts to drop.  Depending when I start my day, my midday blues can be anytime from noon to two o'clock.  I have been looking for quick tools to help give me a bit of boost to get through to dinner time. 

  • Get away from my screens - computer. laptop, phone - and take a 5 to 10min walk around my house, my garden, and breathe deeply.
  • A fresh cuppa, in my case tea, I cannot stand the taste of coffee
  • Something delicious and healthy to eat - usually salad wrap, or a smoothie if I haven't had one yet.  Full of goodness and foods I love to eat.
  • Grab my journal for five minutes, get the thoughts travelling inwards and express outwardly onto paper.
  • Have my rollerball close by, I have one always at hand with an energy blend to give me a quick lift. - recipe below!  

For those that work in an office, you can adapt these to work in your lunch break.  A roller and notebook/journal in your bag, a healthy lunch away from your desk can do your afternoon wonders!

I get all my essential oil ingredients, and rollerball bottles from Eco Modern Essentials.. check them out here!! 

I hope these ideas help you get through those midday blues and ready your energy to take on the rest of your day!!

And if you are looking for guided 5 minute journal pages, I have my Take Five printables available on Etsy.. check them out HERE!

Well it is reading time here... time to grab my book

Till Next Time..
Stay Inspired

Meags xx

* photo credit - Unsplash

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