Journaling using Tarot

Thursday, May 12, 2022


“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.”  William Wordsworth

Even though I have always had some kind of journal or notebook since I was a teenager to write down thoughts, feelings, etc, it has never been consistent and never really found a way to make it work for me or a regular basis.  I do have bursts of words that need to be let loose on paper on occasion, but I really wanted to find a method that helped me journal most days, and I found it.  I now journal using a tarot or oracle deck of cards.

Now instead of just picking a card of the day, whether it be Tarot or Oracle, and placing it on my bedside table, I use it to write, to express, to journal.  And now that is part of my morning ritual, I also love it because it can be as a quick journal exercise or I can really take your time with it.  This is what I do.

  • Sit in my favourite relaxing space.
  • Shuffle the deck, let the cards move easily in my hands.
  • When ready pick one card - this can be done in any way that works for you.  For me, I just cut the deck and turn over and that is my card.
  • Then I look up the meaning, jot down a few of the keywords that resonate with me at that moment.  
  • After that I take those words and start journaling what they mean to me and how they reflect my current mood/situation/circumstances.

My current favourite deck I am using is Dreams of Gaia Tarot Set 

And this week I have created journal pages just for this purpose, check it out below and click the picture to be taken to my etsy store!

I also have a freebie available.. click here to grab it!

Journaling by Tarot is a wonderful way to explore both, I hope you give it an opportunity and don't forget to look at  My Morning  journal pages to guide you through this process.

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired

Meags x

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