Ideas for a Self Care Day

Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Self-care is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation.”  Audre Lorde

I have decided that I am going to devote tomorrow to self care.  After weeks of being so unwell, and now hubby getting that horrid bad cold that is going around that I am going to dedicate time to recentering myself and grabbing back the rituals and routines I was enjoying before I got sick.  

Selfcare can be so many different things for different people.  What one finds beneficial, may not be felt the same by another.  So when planning your selfcare time, be sure to choose activities that right for you and your mindset.  You can look online for ideas, but they are just that - ideas.  No one knows you better than you, so sit down, make a plan, not to structured as this is about selfcare not a timetable.  

Ask yourself - What have you been putting off to do just for you?

These are just a few things I am considering for my selfcare Thursday - will journal tonight to make a lazy plan for the day.

  • My usual morning ritual - yoga/stretch, 5 min journal, tea, shower
  • Start a new book
  • Long Bath - will put together diy essential oil salt scrub for this
  • Start a new tv series without any distractions
  • Late lunch at cafe
  • An aimless drive with music loud!
  • An extra yoga session - love Fiton app for this
  • A walk with the dogs (not sure this is stress free though! haha)
  • Make some DIY products with my beautiful oils
  • Journal for the Girl On Fire project I am doing - this week all about confidence LOVING it!
  • Delicious food all day!

Maybe I will only do 4 or 5 of these.. but it is a good list - and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Now here is a recipe I have put together that I am going to diffuse at some stage tomorrow.

As always.. my beautiful ingredients come from Eco Modern Essentials, they are having a click frenzy sale - 30% off everything - even products that are normally excluded from sales such as their Journal, and the mindset collection!!  

Well, I do hope that you all find some time for some self care,  maybe not a day but even one hour of pure time all about YOU!

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired

Meags xx

* photo credit - Unsplash

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