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Thursday, April 28, 2022


“A happy heart comes first, then the happy face.”  Shania Twain

Since my last blog a couple of days ago, I have continued to listen to my body and respond to what it needs.  There has been a lot of good eating, lots of water, delicious green and hibiscus teas and not much going outside those lines.  I am feeling great, and feel my energy levels growing!

Today I decided to cross one of my DIYs off my list and make myself a face serum I can use both morning and night.  I did some research and these are the things I took into account when making my recipe:

  • Mature skin - not really for wrinkles (been blessed in that regard)
  • For my skin type
  • Dark circles 
  • Something to nourish part of my face that was effected by a small kitchen fire.  I am not scarred however this section is uneven tone, and dries quickly.

I decided on Frankincense, Helichrysum and Geranium, with Jojoba and Rosehip as my carriers.  These oils covered everything I wanted in my face serum.  It smells and feels divine!!

My oils, except for Rosehip, are found at Eco Modern Essentials.
That beautiful bottle is from Krysten Collective, the leaf was an extra I received as part of a gift set from there.
I have used essano Hydrating Rosehip oil, which also contains vitamin E.    It is certified organic.

I have included a recipe card for my Face Serum for those interested.

I really love how easy this was, and am sure my home made beauty products will continue to expand in my bathroom!

Hope this has inspired some of you to look into making your own products!

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired

Meags xx

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