A Tip for Mindful Monday

Sunday, April 17, 2022


RELAX - You are enough.  You do enough. 
Breathe extra deep, let go, and just live right now in the moment. 

I missed my usual Self Care Sunday Blog - I was busy being indulgent.  Too much food, lots of laughter, talking and my son came to celebrate Easter with us.  And when the afternoon settled in I got lost in a book till dinner.  So my self care was all about indulgence, and we can't deny that all the time!

So I thought today I would give you a quick Mindful tip for Mondays.. well for any day but what better time to start than at the beginning of the week.

I am not sure about you but I cleanse (or exfoliate) my face while in the shower.  I close my eyes and take my time massaging, and moving my hands over the contours of my face while cleansing or exfoliating.  When you don't have much time this is a great use of a couple of minutes.  

Eyes closed, the darkness, the only sound (hopefully) is that of the shower.  Moments of silence, of mindfulness to start your day. And even if that is all you get, I know some of you have kids, and busy busy lives, IF that is all you get, then you at least got that!

I have added something easy to the beginning of my facial cleanse, and I am sure you all can too.  Before starting on your face, put a couple of drops at the bottom of your shower of your favourite essential oil.  So while losing yourself for just a couple of minutes you can inhale the steam of your shower and give yourself an instant lift.

Some suggestions of oils:

For Energy

Sweet Orange

Relaxing (before bed)
Ylang Ylang

My favourites are two of the Eco Modern Essentials Blends - Meditation and Energy (I keep both these blends in my shower so they are quick at hand).  

My favourite single blends are Lime and Lemon for a lovely uplift of my energy, especially if I know I am going to be on the computer most of the day.

Hope you all give this a go!  It is a quick wonderful way to give yourself a few minutes of mindfulness.  

Before you go.. I finally made some time for art this past weekend, my new piece is called New Doors (featured picture).  Love what this represents for me.

Well my book is calling...

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired

Meags xx

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