Tuesday, March 8, 2022

"A daily ritual is a way of saying I'm voting for myself. I'm taking care of myself."
Mariel Hemingway

Before even exploring including rituals in my day I dismissed their usefulness and power.  But now! I am converted.  I have both a morning and evening ritual, which I will blog more in detail another time.  These rituals are a great way for me to start and end my days.

It gives the start of my day purpose, while my evening ritual sets my mind at rest and allows a better night sleep than I would usually have.  I am not a good sleeper, so whatever helps, is so welcomed.  Sometimes the rituals are small, I have the minimum I will do (five minutes), but sometimes I put 30 minutes aside for each.

There are two commonalities in each of the rituals - choosing an oil/blend and putting on my diffuser, and my face.  After years of not taking care of my skin, but I am blessed that you can not tell I have been neglectful, I make sure I cleanse/moisturise every morning, and moisturise every night.  This is more about the ritual than my skin, if I am completely honest.

On a long term ritual - I am subscribed to the Eco Modern Essentials Ritual box, which I receive every quarter.  And I just love it.  It replenishes oils I already have, as well as some supplies, you can never have too many empty rollers waiting to be filled! And there are always oils I don't have yet.

There are three oils in this month's Energise Ritual Box that I don't have - Ginger (not sure about this one - I don't really like ginger as a flavour/spice), Basil (as I smell it, it reminds me of salad (hahah)), and Little Pick Me Up (which is divine).  I am looking forwards to exploring both the Ginger and Basil, and what I can blend with them.  I know they both have fantastic properties for health and energy. 

That is probably what I love most about this subscription box, an opportunity to explore what I would never have considered.

Wow, this blog was longer than expected!!  More about rituals coming soon, and also I have an upcoming blog about my mental health journey that I want to share.

So.. Till Next Time
Stay Inspired

Meags xx

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