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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.”
Lalah Delia

Grab a cuppa, a glass of wine, maybe a piece of cake.  This may take a while... 

Ever since I started blogging again I wanted to share a little, but significant, part of me.  For a few reasons, one to acknowledge my own journey out loud, and maybe, just maybe it might inspire just one person in some way or other.  Or someone may have a very similar tale.

When I was 18 I was diagnosed with a genetic/hereditary form of depression and all that goes with it.  I made a decision not to go on to medication.  I always found ways to cope, strategies in place when I felt the depression and anxieties start to creep into my world.  I had things, triggers that let me know I was in need of self care, one example; I would start counting as I did things, like putting on my clothes.  This was a sure sign I had to stop and look at what was going on inside.

Then five years ago this month I had an emotional/mental breakdown. A gentle nudge from a work friend had me going to a doctor specialising in women/mental health the very next day. I did a mental health check, which was not good at all, so onto meds I went.  After just a month on anti-depressants I felt amazing. I slept, I was calm, happy, and so relaxed. 

About 12 months ago I realised that things about me had changed.  The passion, the drive, enthusiasm, that has always been a big part of me was slipping away fast.  My care of myself, and how I looked after me was taking a step back.  And that was causing a lot of unrest in my emotions and mental health.  Which I thought odd considering I was still on the meds that had kept me 'safe' for four years.

So after some long discussions with myself, and then my doctor, I decided to go off my meds.  I did it cautiously and slowly.  And a few close to me knew so they could watch for any adverse changes in my moods and behaviour.  I did this change with a lot of thought and plan.

Twelve months on, and off my medication I have packed up a house we lived in for 25 years, bought a new house in a new town, and saw my son moving out into his own place.  That, plus all else life has thrown us along with Covid, isolations and restrictions, etc, and I have survived, I have flourished, and the old me is back!! 

I have found daily rituals, essential oils and surrounding myself with things that are really me!  Like crystals, books, precious knick knacks, and beautiful linens - I am addicted to thrift shopping and vintage items at the moment.

Essential oils are a big part of my daily life.  Especially for setting my day on the right course.  Just one scent, or a beautiful blend can really make the difference to my mental health and ensure I start the day in the best way.  It is essential to my morning ritual.

I have chosen to share in this post the new Mindset Collection by Eco Modern Essentials.  This is not a paid blog, just something I do believe in.  This new range is perfect when I am in not in the mood to make up a blend of my own from my collection of oils. There is one to cover about every mood, they are - Rise, Encouragement, Nurture, Strength, Courage, Optimism and Empowerment.

From giving me energy to giving comfort, this collection in a short time has really made a difference in my mental health journey.  

Before I sign off I just wanted to clarify that I am not against taking meds for depression or anxiety.  I feel everyone should do what they need to do to make their lives happy, calm and the best they can be.  They just weren't right for me.  And if the time comes that I do need them again, then I will.  But at the moment, this is absolutely right for me and my quality of life, happiness and being the best version of me I can be.

If you made it here.. congrats!!!  Thank you for reading.

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired

Meags xx

Oh a quick note.. that beautiful diffuser is the Coastal Diffuser by Eco Modern Essentials.

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