Little Miss Red

Friday, March 4, 2022

"When in Doubt - Wear Red."  Bill Blass

Funny day here today.  It is lows 20s (Celsius), overcast and cool after a hot sticky week.  We had rain all night, the girls, Lili (cat) and Ruby (dog) would not settle at all, so I have had very little sleep.  They are both fast asleep now in their own little beds like is bed time!  I hope they sleep tonight, we have promise of more rain coming!

Being tired, I have had a slow day of pottering around, and then decided to get the creative juices going.  I do love to create fairy tale type pieces some times.  When I saw this model image in my stash I just knew I could do something dark with her.  I am quite pleased how this piece all came together.  And I do love including wolves in my art.

Was my 25th Wedding anniversary this week, so heading out to the local brewery for dinner - can't wait.  We don't go out for dinner together very often so this is such a great treat!!

Another treat this week, which I will be talking about on another blog, is the arrival of the new Eco Modern Essentials Mindset Collection.  It is beautiful!  Currently out of stock, however if you are interested in looking at more information or signing up for notification when back please click here.

Time to do a little more pottering around..

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired

Meags xx

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