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Sunday, March 20, 2022


"Good sleep, exercise, sunshine, and self love is the greatest medicine"
Borrowed from Pinterest

In my last blog I wrote of my mental health journey from 18 till now.  Moving forward I will share some of the things I do to keep me on track, as well as sharing other bits and pieces of my life along with my art.

It was National Sleep Day on Friday, and I had fully intended on posting this blog then, however, life just got busy and I wanted to share a piece of art I was happy with.  The art was not only to recognise National Sleep Day but to go with me sharing my night routine.

I have an alarm set for 10pm, this is the start of my getting ready for bed.  First step is to start preparing my tea, current night time fave is Hibiscus.  Then I choose an aromatherapy blend to diffuse for meditation and to sleep.  There is three I regularly choose from, but it does change depending on my mood. 

Sleep, Dream and Meditation are all from Eco Modern Essentials.  Blends are fantastic if you are just starting out with aromatherapy, or when you just want to grab something quick for a specific purpose.. like sleep!!

Next step is shower followed by a guided meditation - I use a free app called FitOn.  Meditation is a new thing for me, and I find I get so much out of it.  Really helps quieten the thoughts and my ever moving mind.

Then to bed I go, with my hibiscus tea, journal and my book.  I have found with this routine in place I definitely sleep better.  And importantly - wake better!  Check out a few photos below I took to share my routine.

Eco Modern Essential are releasing a new sleep trio blend pack soon - with a new blend!! - I will keep you updated with that release!

Till Next Time - Dream Sweet &
Stay Inspired

Meags xx

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