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Wednesday, February 16, 2022


"I love books. I adore everything about them. I love the feel of the pages on my fingertips. They are light enough to carry, yet so heavy with worlds and ideas. I love the sound of the pages flicking against my fingers. Print against fingerprints. Books make people quiet, yet they are so loud." Nnedi Okorafor

Since I have finished unpacking most of the boxes and that I have been ordered to rest due to an injured shoulder I am finding time to read almost daily.  I love to read and wished I had made more time in the past but we can't change where we have been.  So now I am more than making up for it.

Op/Thrift shops are my favourite places to buy books, but I am running out of space.  After giving away boxes of books before we moved I feel like I have almost bought as many as I donated!  But so fun finding books I have wanted to read, going through shelves finding books I haven't heard of, and adding them to my collection!.. SO MANY BOOKS - SO LITTLE TIME!! 

Today's art was inspired by my love of second hand books..  

Before I go to curl up with my latest book I had to share the joy that I am in the latest issue of Living The Photo Artistic Life Magazine... Click HERE to flip through the pages of this amazing issue of artists.. 

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired

Meags x

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