Feeding Time..

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Who can believe we are already one month down in 2022!  I do hope it slows down a little, I have so much I want to do. But today was just an art day.. with a quick visit to the local op shop and the making of some homemade bread..

Art - I have so many projects I want and need to get into.  Sorting out time, routines is the theme of this month.  Finding a balance with art tutorials, the house, the garden, and so much more.  I am excited and motivated to get it all started.  2022 is the first complete year I will not be tied down to a job.  I am looking for ways to earn myself a little money here and there.. hopefully through my art and other projects!

Cooking - Today I made homemade bread.  I found a really basic recipe that requires very little effort, but tastes amazing.  I made it on Christmas Day for my family and everyone LOVED it!  Which was disappointing as no leftovers! haha!  This is the recipe for any bread lovers out there, today I added a tea spoon of rosemary.. looking forward to trying it shortly with some butter!

Aromatherapy - Back into doing my own blends for the diffuser every day.. todays was refreshing and gave me a really happy vibe in my day while I created..

Time to make some tomato soup to eat with my fresh warm bread for dinner..

Till Next Time

Stay Inspired

Meaghan xx

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