A New Day..

Wednesday, February 9, 2022


Today is a New Day.. a New Start.. a New Look..  

I have spent the day giving my blog and other online places a new(ish) name and new look.. And I am so pleased.  As I said yesterday I have damaged my shoulder therefore having to put my time in other productive endeavours.

I used to blog and write daily, and this was while I worked full time, and I LOVED it!  So I feel it is time to get back into this love of mine.  I want to share my journey, my ways of self care and of course my art and photography.

A love I have had for a while is aromatherapy and last year I discovered Eco Modern Essentials, an Australian based company.  I get all my essential oil supplies from them, and love their products so much!  

I have realised that the pain in my shoulder is absolutely exhausting for lots of reasons.  Including thought and reason.  I sat down today and realised that I had all the ingredients to make a pain relief balm for myself.  And it soothed so quickly!  Wishing I had thought of this last week!

All ingredients are from Eco Modern Essentials:

Organic Balm Base - 20 grams
Copaiba - 3 drops
Black Pepper - 3 drops
Kunzea - 3 drops
Peppermint - 1 drop

This is approximately 2.5% dilution. - If you don't have all these oils they sell a Muscle Soothe Essential Blend which is also wonderful and can be used in the Organic Balm Base for muscle pain relief.

And now it is time to have a hot shower and reapply before sleeping..

Till next time
Stay Inspired

Meaghan x

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