Yellow Poppies

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Summer has definitely taken hold of our weather.. we are on day 4 (I think) of temperatures over 30C, with another 3 days to go before the stormy change comes through.  They only saving grace is that it does cool down at night, so the windows and doors get opened at sunset and stay that way all night so the house gets a bit of a cool down before the next days heat.

Being this hot has made me a wee bit lazy the last couple of days.  Even my all day Monday shop was done in a matter of hours due to heat and just being summer tired!  Though have been catching up on my reading which I do love since a new fave hobby of mine is to scour op/thrift shops for books to read - the pile isn't getting any smaller!

Today I decided I needed to do more than read, so blankets where washed/dried in this heat (perfect weather for it), and ART!! I completed a composition (see below), called Nature's Dance, and I got my camera out for some more still life photography.  The yellow poppies are from my garden and the other items are from my op shop adventures!  I am really happy how this photo turned out, and loved finishing it with a few textures from 2LO, Denise Love.

About to go watch some tv before I sleep and I am now diffusing Eco Modern Essentials Tranquillity Blend to give the house the right ambience before I go to bed.

Till Next Time

Stay Inspired

Meaghan xx

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