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Friday, January 14, 2022


The one thing I knew I wanted to do this year was to get more familiar with my camera and find a style of photography that suited me.  So I have been exploring!

I have spent a few mornings this week enjoying a small course I purchased from DesignCuts called The Ultimate Texture and Photography Kit (With Exclusive Video Course) which is by Denise Love, 2LO.  I have enjoyed Denise Love's textures and resources since I started my journey into digital art and also love vintage/antique items so this mini course was a great fit for me. 

Feeling extremely motivated I grabbed the hubby yesterday and we went Trash n Treasure shopping in our local area, first stop was Koo Wee Rup which I picked up a small vintage table with lots character for $10.  From there we decided to go to Tooradin, and we had so much fun, and even hubby bought a few old vintage tools!  

I got books, including a music book from 1879 (shown in the photo), small vessels made of pewter, brass and silver and other bits n pieces to have fun with.  My favourite find was some rustic pieces of wood that originally came from an old carriage, they are over 100 years old. They are really going to add some great texture and depth to my photos.

Today I dusted off my camera, my 50mm fixed lens and tripod and just took a quick photo of the items as I left them when I unpacked my shopping yesterday.  Adding the board at the back I thought this first photo was not bad considering I really didn't 'set up' the scene, just wanted to show off my finds!  I am looking forward to really getting into this as part of my art!!

That is enough rambling for now.. time to play!

Till Next Time

Stay Inspired

Meaghan xx

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