Eating my Art..

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

My journey into Still Life photography has definitely begun.  So many thoughts, and ideas run through my creative mind and I can not wait to get them into my camera.  Today I decided to use the lovely berries and cherries I bought yesterday when I did my food shop.

And this gave me the idea for the title of the blog.  These are some of my favourite foods.. Cherries, Raspberries and Blackberries, so lets just conclude that I ate my props as I set the scene and even during the photography stage when I was playing with angles and different positionings.  This will be a real danger in food photography!  But what FUN!!

For someone who finds it very hard to keep still, this type of photography is keeping in one space for long periods of time.  Which is perfect!  I get play, organise, decorate and set a scene and continue to set that scene the whole time without moving around much at all.  My mind is completely happy, not restless during the process and I am really enjoying that aspect of this new venture!

Aromatherapy - Today I have been diffusing the Eco Modern Essentials Immunity Support Blend.  Even though I mostly make up my own blends during the day, and use the premixed blends at night (when feeling lazy), the Immunity Blend always makes me feel relaxed, and balanced, and I really love the clove in this blend.  Click HERE to read more about this blend.

Time for some ice cream!

Till Next Time

Stay Inspired

Meaghan xx

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