Issue 79

Wednesday, September 15, 2021


It has been a while since I have been here.  We made it to Lang Lang! We have been living here just over a month now and we love it.  And if you are going to be stuck in lockdown, best to be in a place you love.

Majority of boxes unpacked, though the garage is still a mess, but time to slow down and get back to doing things I love. My art, gardening, reading, and learning new things.  

I am excited to be published in the latest issue (#79) of Living The Photo Artistic Life.  So even though busy, and easily distracted I have found time for a little art.  This piece was a lot of fun to do, I love to create story pieces.  When creating a composite I enjoy the challenge of placing a person in a scene then attempting to make it like she (or he) belongs in than setting, using lighting, shadows and overall tone.  I was happy how I pulled that off in this piece.

Click Here to browse through the latest issue of Living The Photo Artistic Life 

Well time to get on with my day.  Will endeavour to get back here more often.

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired
♥ Meags

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