The Wise One

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


The weeks are flying by.. I can hardly keep up from one day to the next, and I regularly check my phone to know what day it is!  Even in lockdown, rarely leaving the house, the days are filled!  

One of the daily art exercises I used to do regularly is called Finger Exercises.  Using limited background/overlays with limited elements quickly put together a piece of art.  I did one this morning just to get my day started in a more enjoyable way rather than cleaning or packing.

This is called The Wise One, and more of an abstract piece, not something I generally do.  I am happy with it, I can actually envisage this piece printed and hung in a house.  The colours are so striking and vibrant.

On the home stretch now, less than 3 weeks to go till the big moving day.  A new washing machine arrived yesterday and I know I must be getting older when I was excited by this and looking forward to doing a load! haha.. The new house only has a space for a front loader, so the current top loader will go with my son who is moving out next week.  Another expense spared for him, which is great.

No idea what I will be doing today, maybe cleaning inside of kitchen cupboards, the fun, it never ends!

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired
♥ Meags

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