July 2

Friday, July 2, 2021


I am blessed to be surrounded by amazing artists in both Australia, and internationally.  On the first of every month the ADU (Artists Down Under) Mag drops into this amazing electronic world we live in.  I love being part of the ADU group of artists, such a friendly, inspiring group of people.  Check out the current issue HERE!

This month I have an older piece published called Emergence, I created this in 2019.  This was a piece I created using new techniques I was learning at the time.  And have used many times since.  As with many older pieces I see so many things I would love to refine, but also, not change a thing as it was part of my growth as an artist.

Still so busy with life away from the computer, but will save that for next time..

Tonight's Aromatherapy Blend - Eco Modern Essentials Lullaby  - Perfect for a good night sleep.  Check out the current offers at Eco Modern Essentials..

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired
♥ Meaghan

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