Friday, July 23, 2021


I am finding my artistic inspiration from songs at the moment, whether it be one or two lines, or the whole song.  Music is speaking to me, which I so appreciative of my muse taking me on that path while my thoughts are moving in a 1000 different directions at once at the moment..

Candy, by Iggy Pop, is one of my favourite songs and the line - I'm glad you got out but, but I miss you - really spoke to me to create today's piece of art.  This was a seemingly simple composition but there are layers of rain, light rays, the model, and so much more, all placed on the gorgeous background to make it, well I hope so, a seamless piece of art.

I have always believed that I have loved change, which when thinking is a strange comment for me to make.  I held the same job for over 25 years, I have lived in the same house for almost 25 years.  And I claim that I love change.  I realised today that I embrace change within the safety of boundaries.  But that is all about to change...

New town.. new house.. no job.. I almost feel like I am jumping without a net.. though I left my stable job almost 2 years ago, that was huge.. so this is just my next change to embrace willingly, happily.. but still terrified!! haha  I am blessed to have loving hubby, family and friends, my four furbabies (2 cats and 2 dogs).. and an excitement within to take on this new amazing life ahead of me..

It all starts in less than three weeks..

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired
♥ Meags

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