By the Light of the Moon

Wednesday, July 7, 2021


I have these days, especially when mind is overflowing that I question myself.  I can't be alone in those days of questioning, I am sure there are more artists out there that do this!  I question how the hell do I create pieces of art.  It is like I forget everything I have learned, question my own imagination and creativity.  

I am learning that the key, especially at the moment when my head is so full of everything to do with moving and mortgages and that dreaded thing called money, is to do something to clear those overwhelming voices.  So this afternoon I packed boxes, emptied one more cupboard and started wiping down the tops of door frames (so exciting).

After that was done, it was time for some FUN!  So I created this piece.  I love dipping into fantasy pieces full of dragons and elves and let that creativity that was muted such a short time ago, start to yell! Hope you love this latest piece created in the mess of boxes and cleaning products..

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired
♥ Meags

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