Borrowed Wings..

Sunday, July 18, 2021


I have made some time this past week for art, rest and my Birthday!!!  Unfortunately the evening before my special day we were thrown into Lockdown (again).  Second birthday in lockdown, wonderful plans cancelled.  I am just so blessed that my tribe gave me a very special birthday that lasted about 3 days!.. lots of food.. bubbles and relaxing time..

I finally caught up on some art tutorials (only a month behind now), also did a presentation in the Artists Down Under Group, and reminded myself how much I love to play and create with portraits.  Today's featured piece is called Borrowed Wings.  The post production always takes me so long, but I was determined to achieve the vintage/antique tones I had imagined. And I love butterflies!

The house packing is full steam ahead, less than four weeks to go, this week has to be filled with so many jobs ticked off my long list, as long as the lockdown doesn't slow me down too much.

Fill your week with special moments.. and every day will have times of joy..

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired
♥ Meags

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  1. Beautiful piece! Sending high energy surged hugs for your upcoming move. The only good thing I found about the process is that the excitement of being in the new house helps with the crap work of packing and schlepping boxes :-) Before long you will be in that awesome new studio, retired, and cranky out more awesome work!