Time to Stop

Sunday, June 13, 2021


After two very cold day at work, no power, therefore no heating, it was soo cold.  They brought in generators to run computers and a few machines, but the reality became we went outside to get warm.  Hot showers and my Oodie got me through.. and I have spent the weekend packing.

I got a lot achieved, more bags for the op shop, boxes packed, the bar is empty.. I feel like I have done so much but so much more to go.  Not much time for art, and it really is calling me. With tomorrow being a public holiday it maybe the perfect day for PJs and art..

In the meantime I have completed a piece tonight called Time to Stop.. Click here to check out all the details.. it includes Anna Aspnes Artplay Rougir Collection which is on sale till June 16..

Off to watch the Prodigal Son on Binge, really love this series

Till Next Time

Stay Inspired

♥ Meaghan

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