The Calm..

Monday, June 28, 2021

In just over 6 weeks we move into our new home.. I am so excited to get into my new house, to decorate, to make it ours.. It is only four years old and so spacious and light.. with a fabulous outdoor living area.

The packing continues - getting into all the cupboards and spaces that haven't been touched for years.  I have also started the deep clean, giving myself lots of time to get the old place sparkling!!

I am still trying to get some art time in, just not as easy with a lot to do in the house.  I am behind on my art course tutorials, but I am sure I will get these caught up when things calm down.. When I think about how many I have sitting waiting for me, I do enjoy the anticipation that there will be days filled with art again soon..

I did go to the local salvos today and to browse through the books as I have packed all of mine without thinking.  I do love browsing the shelves to bring a new (old) book home with me.. or four.. 

Aromatherapy for today - Tonight I am diffusing the Escape blend by Eco Modern Essentials, I really love this blend.. 

And now.. it is time to pick up a book..

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired
♥ Meaghan

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