She Be Fierce

Saturday, June 19, 2021


It is amazing how time consuming packing a house can be!  Made great strides this week, house is not done, but definitely under control.  And we managed yesterday to fill a 4m3 skip/bin as we cleaned out our big shed.  It felt so good to clean it all up and some wonderful emotional moments as we stumbled across old memories.. 

I have finally made time for art today, the first piece is called EvenFall and you can check it out here, it features elements from Anna Aspnes and Gracie Tracy Designs.  I love working with different elements to make a story, once I move I hope to concentrate on making some more of my own kits and elements.

The second piece, the one featured in this post is She Be Fierce.  It is a reminder for myself, and others if they so choose to, to be fierce, to own myself, to not let others diminish the warrior within.  And always speak out.  Be Fierce!

Time for a glass of wine, and I am thinking The Avengers.. Happy Sunday Afternoon.. and Cheers

Till Next Time
Stay Inspired
♥ Meaghan

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