Field Flowers - ADU Magazine June

Friday, June 4, 2021


It is a cold day here in Melbourne, and we are also still in lockdown.  So it will be a day of cooking, art, and of course packing.. I feel like the boxes will never end!  And right now I am just so impatient to get to our beautiful new house and our new way of living away from the suburbs.

Another thing to do today is to check out the latest issue of the Artists Down Under Magazine.  It is a wonderful magazine featuring artists from Australia and New Zealand.  The art above was a piece I submitted for the June Challenge - Rabbits.  

Also included is a piece called Corvid, which you will find on page 64.  Check out the magazine by clicking here.  It is a perfect way to spend some time on a cold day to get inspired and lose yourself in others art.

Till next time

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