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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

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there are so many days when I am intimidated by the artists around me, and believe me even when feeling not good enough these artists push me to work harder.. to learn more.. to be more..  I feel blessed daily that I have this new community of people around me, it is incredible to me to be part of this artistic life that we all cherish..

this piece of work is called The Clouds Above.. I worked hard on new techniques, refining ones I knew.. and I am so happy how this turned out.. I hope you love it too..  This is the kind of art I strive to excel in..

Talking of excelling.. I am in the final issue of 2019 of Living The Photo Artist Life, that is 4 issues in a row.. I can not even express how thrilled this makes me.. I only started Awake course in late July and feel honoured and humbled all at once..

If I can give anyone a small piece of advice.. if you want something.. go for it!.. and give it your all..

until next time..

Be Inspired ♥ M

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