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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

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I have spent the last week looking up things such as SEO, keywords, the right titles to call things.. who would have though posting a blog would have so much behind the scenes things to look into.. Honestly it has my head spinning. there is so much information out there to learn, and grab hold of.. all I hope for is I can learn enough information to have people read and subscribe to my blog and enjoy my art..

This week I have also started a gallery on a site called ArtPal.. it is so easy to use, and has enough options, not too many to be overwhelming, and the customer can even see a room scene with the art they like! just click through to see all the options.. my ArtPal site is HERE..  I will be adding all my art to this site.. so keep it bookmarked! ♥

When I am not sure what I want to create, I always seem to steer back walls and grunge.. I hope you like Supernatural..

till next time

Be Inspired ♥ M

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