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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

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Wow.. less than 4 hours left of 2019.. a new decade upon us.. and I can not tell you how happy I am that all the amazing changes I made in my life happened before 2020 began..

Stumbling across a Facebook sponsored ad for a free course titled Wield Photoshop Like an Artist back in January/February started the most amazing journey.. I discovered that I could learn a form of art I had admired for years..

I quickly signed up to the first course Photoshop Artistry - Fine Art Grunge in March, by July I was signed up to Awake, a group of artists that I had only hoped to be 10% of their talent...

Since July so much has happened, I have become published, I am part of an amazing group of artists, I resigned from a job I had been in for 25 years, left behind so much toxicity, and I learned that there is more to the world than that.. and I have sold some art!!

I now live a positive life, full of art, laughter, support, family and inspiration... I have a part time job with people I already am already in love with!!.. so much support, happiness and team building.. this was what was meant to be..

2018 was hard.. 2019 was life changing.. 2020 is tomorrow.. may it bring what it may

never ever forget...

Be Inspired ♥ M

Happy New Year!!

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